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Unmatched Seniors

Rosie C, 84 years old 

Rosie lives here in Bozeman and enjoys activities such as crocheting, games, and reading. She was a waitress and worked at the country club in Bozeman. After waitressing she started a 5 year career in circuit boards. She loves to conversate and be around friends. Rosie moved to Arizona for 20 years but moved back to MT recently to be close to her four kids and grandkids. Rosie’s past Befriender recently moved away to Florida and she is in need of being rematched. Rosie is very sweet, social and loves to laugh! She doesn’t have many friends anymore in MT because she moved away. She is hoping to find someone that enjoys doing crafts with her and other activities. Occasionally helping her to doctor appointments or the grocery store from time to time as well. Rosie can get around but usually needs her walker when she’s outside. Her mom was also a Befriender for 11 years!

Special Consideration: Rosie's Mobility is limited so she needs a walker when outside and mild hard of hearing. 


Mary H, 77 years old 

Mary was an elementary teacher in North Dakota, she moved to Bozeman to be close to her two sons and grandchildren. She lives with her husband who is her caretaker but she is still very independent. Mary doesn’t drive anymore but would prefer to not drive anywhere. She would like a friend to come over to her home and hang out with her. Try new hobbies together or play games. She is very sweet and excited to make a new friend.

Special Consideration: Mary had a traumatic brain injury which has affected her short term memory, she may repeat herself. 


MaryKay M, 74 years old 

Mary is a longtime resident of Bozeman, she is a mother of two and also a great aunt. She loves sports, reading and Gallatin Valley History! Marykay lives with her daughter in Bozeman and is very social. She’s hoping to find a friend that wants to talk and do fun things with her.

Special Consideration: Short term memory, hearing loss and mobility is limited in some situations. 


Rosemary B, 69 years old 

Rosemary is originally from Rochester, New York but moved to Montana in 1992. She’s had a very active life but recently realized she has become somewhat sedentary since the passing of her Best friend. She values being a Vegan and takes great pride in her healthy lifestyle. She is also spiritual and certified in Crystals. She uses her Crystals for healing and enjoys making Jewelry out of the Crystals. Rosemary lives in Bozeman by herself and is very independent. She is very open minded to the world around her. Rosemary hopes to find someone who wants to be active and create a meaningful friendship with. She enjoys sky searching for UFOs with her lasers. Wood work, she currently is working on making bird feeders and going for leisure hikes. When Rosemary goes on hikes she prefers to take her time and enjoy the plants, rocks and scenery around her. Rosemary is very hip and loves to put embellishes on her pants. She’s very technologically inclined but hopes to find a friend that wants to help her with her Facebook so she can put positive quotes on her page. Rosemary is excited to meet a friend and add more to her life.

RoseAnn R, 78 years old

Roseann lives at the Gallatin Rest Home now but lived in Arizona and worked at the University as an administrative assistant for 20 years. She has two sons that live out of state and would love to make a new friend in Bozeman. Roseann likes movies, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, and house plants.

Special Consideration: Roseann is blind. 


Don K, Male  87 years old

Don lives in Belgrade with his wife and is a retired plumber. He has two daughters and one son. 8 grandchildren and 18 great grandchildren! Don was a volunteer firefighter and on the city council in Neihart, MT. Don loves to chat and make new friends. His hobbies are hunting, fishing, metal art, scenic drives, and watching wildlife. Don would love to chat with his Befriender and go for drives if they want too. He would prefer a male friend as well.

Special Consideration: Don has limited mobility and low vision/hearing. He still manages himself just fine though.  

Anne K, 81 years old 

Anne lives outside Bozeman on Vigilante Trail. She lives alone and would enjoy having a friend go for walks with her and her dog, Anne has a Befriender but is in need of another because her Befriender will be working more and won’t have time to go to the dog park with her. Anne is a regular at our monthly luncheon at the Bozeman Senior Center. She was a high school geography teacher and has traveled extensively and taught abroad. Enjoys playing bridge, going out to cultural events, and reading a good book. She would prefer a democrat and uses a cane for balance on uneven ground.


Todd F, Male 49 years old 

Originally from Fargo, ND, Todd pursued a business degree in Mankato before settling down with his wife and two kids in Four Corners. Despite being blind, Todd's adventurous spirit remains undimmed. He loves outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and walks, finding solace and joy in nature. Spending most days alone, Todd hopes to make a new friend who shares his love for the outdoors and loves to chat.

Special Consideration: Todd is blind which limits his social interactions and he spends a lot of time at home alone while his family is at school and work. 


Sally D, 86 years old

Sally is originally from Ohio but moved here because her husband loved Montana. She has five children, 1 daughter in Bozeman. Sally resides at the Spring Creek Inn. She enjoys doing plays, and loves people so much! She enjoys talking, gossiping and laughing. She ran a small bank in Ohio and loves Ohio, go buckeyes! Sally is super sweet and excited to meet her friend!

Special Consideration: Sally has Lewy body dementia and Parkinson; she is very high functioning but has hallucinations. Sally loses her mobility in the afternoons so she pushes her wheelchair around to help her balance.   

BJ P, 73 years old 

BJ has been in Bozeman for 50 years, and originally from Lewistown. She has 1 son that lives with her. BJ was a dancer and book keeper for a firm in Bozeman. She enjoys watching the game show channel and human connection. BJ is super sweet and hoping to socialize with her Befriender!

Special Consideration: BJ has Parkinsons which has left her mostly bed bound. A befriender to come in and chat with her is what she is looking for. 


Kim H, 55 years old

Kim is from the Dakotas and her parents owned a ranch. She moved to Dillon and raised her family there. She recently moved to Bozeman to be close to her son, who is attending MSU. Kim loves meeting new people but because she is blind it is hard for her to approach people in crowds. Kim is looking for a friend that wants to go out to community events, she loves the Ellen theater, attending events at the Library, and the Museum. Kim works from home creating curriculum for homeschooled students. She is very social and loves to laugh!

Special Consideration: Kim is blind which limits her from leaving the house often. She hopes to find a friend that loves to be out and about along with making a new friend in town. 


Tracy S, 63 years old

Tracy resides at Brookdale spring meadows, she is originally from Bozeman and ran a daycare for her career. She has four children who still live in Bozeman. Tracy likes to color, watch tv and listen to music. She would like to go out and about with her befriender but has no preference.

Special Consideration: Tracy has memory loss so someone to guide her in conversation would be best! 


Lori P, 41 years old

Lori is a single mom in Belgrade, she is blind which limits her from meeting new people and getting around town. She has a 6 year old son with Autism and ADHD who needs a lot of support as well. Lori is involved with Eagle mount, cub scouts, and has many hobbies! She loves Lord of the Rings, hiking, skiing, rafting, and playing board games. Her favorite is Scrabble! Lori is really social and open minded, she is neurodivergent and accepts anyone and everyone for who they are! She likes bubbly people and someone who is okay with a 6 year old with lots of energy! Lori is hoping that her Befriender will be someone that on occasion can help bring her to doctor appointments, her son to cub scouts, and someone to do activities with (Grab coffee, play scrabble, go to events). Lori lives with her friend who is her in-home aide and she has a few friends in the area that can help support her. She is trying to build her social network but it is difficult because she is fully blind.

Special Consideration: Lori is blind which limits her. She is very positive and loves human connection. 


Patricia B, 74 years old

Patricia lives in Bozeman by herself, she was the Belgrade children's librarian for 15 years. Patricia has moved around a lot in her life, originally from Chicago. She has lived in Los Angeles, Boston, and New York. She met her husband in New York and they moved to Montana. Patricia was a social worker before having her two children. Patricia loves going Thrift shopping, finding antiques, and going to see live music, whether it’s a play or a band! Winters can get long and lonely so she hopes to play scrabble and possibly learn other games as well! Patricia hasn’t been to Target in a year because she is not able to drive anymore and is excited to get out and about.

Special Consideration: Patricia has early to mid dementia, she has at home aides who come twice a week to clean but is still very independent as she lives alone. 


Gerri C, 75 years old

Born and raised in Illinois, she has been in Bozeman since 2005. Gerry is spunky and sassy! She is very appreciative of the people around her and one of her best attributes is that she is so funny! Gerri lives alone in Bozeman and has no connections to family except for her oldest son in Illinois. Gerri does feel like she will be a burden to her Befriender because of occasional tasks like going to the Grocery store with her or even chatting for a while. A befriender that can show their enthusiasm to be with Gerri would be best! She is just so great and funny! Gerri has had a whirlwind of a life with many hardships but she keeps an open mind and a positive attitude.

Special Consideration: Gerri has Afib which causes her to be extremely tired. She also is extremely isolated and only sees meals on wheels people everyday. 

Carson W, 70 years old 

Carson lives in Bozeman, and grew up on a ranch. She attended the University of Minnesota as an athlete. She played water polo, and was an avid alpine skier. She even went on to alpine ski on the Norway World Class Team briefly. She worked on art-animation in Minneapolis, and was a nurse as well. Nowadays, Carson enjoys riding the lawnmower, and is looking for a companion to possibly go for coffee, infusion visits, and maybe drive up to Hyalite to throw rocks. Carson is super social and loves conversation! She had a Befriender for two years but she moved in December after graduation.

Special considerations: Asburgers, has a service dog, and cannot stand for too long or walk very far.


Carol W, 85 years old

Lives on her own in an independent facility here in Bozeman. She graduated from the University of Montana with a teaching degree and taught 2nd and 3rd grade. She was a skier and a tennis player and has lived all over MT and in Loveland, CO. She enjoys writing (could use someone to help her type, maybe), coffee trips on Mondays, trips to TNC for cookies, and art projects. She also has a special interest in gardening (fairy gardens). Carol is very sweet and can’t wait to meet her new Befriender!


Brenda L, 62 years old

Lives in Bozeman at Brookdale Spring Meadows. Grew up in Dillion and lives at Seeley Lake. Has an older brother who lives in Bozeman. Has lived at Brookdale Spring Meadows for 13 years, due to having multiple strokes, but has recuperated well. Likes to go for rides, walks, loves to shop/window shop especially at thrift stores. Enjoys collecting rocks and painting them and playing cribbage.

Likes to be busy and would like an energetic Befriender.


Kathy L, 73 years old

Kathy is originally from California but was recently moved to Montana to be near her son. Kathy lives in Belgrade at an assisted living. She applied for Befrienders because she was hoping to make some new friends in the area. Kathy has a current Befriender who spends 6 months of the year on the East Coast, so she is in need of being rematched. For Kathy’s career, she was a secretary for the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange. Kathy’s hobbies include Crocheting, decoupage, puzzles, and ceramics. She enjoys conversation and loves to meet new people.

Special consideration: Kathy’s equilibrium is off so she uses a walker and needs assistance in some activities.