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Enroll a Senior

To participate in our program a senior must be 65 or older. In many cases the application is filled out by the Activity Director of a long-term care facility or a family member who recognizes that their loved one may benefit from having an additional visitor.

  1. Application
    Fill out our senior application online or print and mail it to Befrienders, 807 N Tracy Avenue, Bozeman, MT 59715.
  2. Interview
    Each senior is personally interviewed at their place of residency. Information gathered during this interview will be used to find a match.
  3. Matching Process
    There is no firm timeframe to predict how long any individual matching process will take. It is important to remember that seniors are matched with volunteers based on their interests, hobbies, personalities, geographic locations, and myriad other considerations. One senior may be matched within a week or two of joining Befrienders, while other seniors may have to wait longer for a match we believe will be successful.  
  4. First Meeting
    When meeting your volunteer for the first time, a Befrienders staff person will join you. Our staff will be there to make the introduction, provide contact information to one another, and ensure your next meeting is scheduled prior to leaving.