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Spotlight on Natalee and Richard

Meet Natalee and Richard

Natalee works in the Office of Rural Health at Montana State University. She is very close with her own grandma and pen pals with her each month which enticed her to join the Befrienders program. Natalee is a strong advocate for mental health and enjoys anything outdoors. She’s traveled to 10 different countries and can speak Spanish. This was a great starter conversation for her and Richard as Richard and his wife also traveled the world in their careers as entomologists. Both spent considerable time in South America; Natalee studied abroad there, and Richard for his research. Natalee also pointed out Richard and his wife's beautiful home and panoramic view of the Bridgers and Tobacco Root mountains. Richard, with a smile on his face, explained that he loves to watch airplanes land and take off. Richard has been diagnosed with CAA and has been declining cognitively over the past year. Natalee is a perfect match for him as she can maintain the conversation and is patient with his needs! Richard’s wife, Lydia, has also expressed her thankfulness for the program, saying, “Oh my gosh, the match is just wonderful. I can’t tell you how happy we are with Natalee and you guys for making sure it worked out so well. Natalee has taken Richard for walks around their neighborhood, and they even took a trip out to the Museum of the Rockies, only having been meeting for two weeks. I’ve mentioned you guys to my support group, so hopefully, you’ll be getting some new applications soon. I really appreciate you guys and just for this wonderful match. Thank you!”