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Spotlight on Denise and Maggie

Meet Denise and Maggie

Denise lives with her daughter and their very busy family. Maggie is an ICU nurse at Bozeman Health and a Befrienders volunteer because she wanted to do something rewarding for her & another person! She loves working with seniors & thought Befrienders would be a great fit. When Denise and Maggie first met last October, Maggie made Denise feel like she was her new best friend. They went out the next week to have manicures together, and this winter/spring, they have been checking off every bakery in town! I wonder how far down the list they are? Denise’s daughter is so thrilled about Maggie’s friendship with her mom - she told Maggie: “I just wanted to tell you once again what a fantastic time my mom had with you yesterday. She was glowing and skipping around the house and so excited to have you as a friend and to be with you all afternoon. Thank you so much for your magic and friendship with her.”