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Meet Our Board & Staff

Silvia Schmitz, Program Coordinator

Silvia Schmitz, Program Coordinator

Silvia is a recent graduate from MSU, majoring In Human Development and Family Science with a minor in Personal Finance.

“My time at Befrienders has shown me how invaluable friendship is and the importance

of connection. Having the opportunity of meeting new people and hearing their stories has been

such a rewarding part of my time here. Each person's journey in life is unique and admiring,

reminding me of the resilience of the human spirit and the world we share. Being apart of

Befrienders is a remarkable chance for me to grow and learn through the generations before



In Silvia’s free time she finds enjoyment, hanging out with friends, skiing Bridger, playing

Pickleball, being in nature, calling her four siblings/parents, and visiting Northern Minnesota.